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Family Dentistry

We believe in a pretty regimental approach when it comes to preventing decay affecting your children's teeth. 

For starters, bring them in when they are young. Research shows that children who are regular attenders from 12 months of age are far less anxious regarding dental visits than irregular attenders. It's what I call creating a 'dental home' for them. Somewhere they are familiar with, somewhere they are happy to come and visit. These are simple visits - as much about offering advice as counting and examining the teeth. Don't worry, we won't judge you as parents on how you brush your children's teeth. I know from experience that at some stage around 18 months your child will want to exert their independence and one way they can do this is to make your life hellishly difficult when it comes to keeping their pearly whites sparklingly clean.

The key is routine. Every morning and every night they are going to get their teeth cleaned. It might not be the best clean in the world but, tantrum or no tantrum, that toothbrush, with a little toothpaste, is finding its way into their mouth. After a while, nearly 2 months in my daughters case, their will is broken and they accept the routine. Horrible at the time but easy ever since.

When they reach 7, and their first adult teeth have come into the mouth, I am a strong advocate of fissure sealing the teeth. Not just sealing over the groves of the teeth but doing it properly. Using the air abrasion unit it is totally painless to re-contour and clean the fissures, groves, of the teeth prior to flowing in and setting a protective plastic coating. Not only does this provide the best protection to their adult teeth but it also acts to introduce the child to simple, pain free dentistry. This has been shown to cement the bond between child and dentist and helps ensure that the lack of fear is carried on into adult life.

With regular check ups, low dose x rays every few years, and a desire to restore the teeth at the earliest sign of decay, we aim to guid your child through to adulthood with nothing but the most minor of interventions.Oh, and our ethos of amalgam free dentistry carries on to your child. No nasty looking metal fillings here.

Fluoride Application

This is a high concentration fluoride varnish that is painted on and flossed between the teeth. Fluoride helps strengthen the teeth particularly in the developing dentition. We recommend Fluoride Varnish application every 6 months.

Fissure Sealant

These are a preventative plastic coating painted onto the biting surface of teeth which help prevent decay developing. Used in conjunction with the air abrasion unit they are the best defence against decay.

Air Abrasion

What is Air Abrasion? It's a new technique where a fine stream of particles are fired at great speed at the tooth. It removes heavy stain and early decay from the fine groves, pits and fissures. This results in a much cleaner and brighter tooth which is now ready to be fissure sealed if required.

Disclosing Tablets

These are an excellent and fun way to ensure tooth-brushing is efficient at home and between dental visits. These tablets highlight areas of plaque missed during tooth-brushing.

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