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For those of you who have not visited the practice recently, you may not be aware of the  changes that have occurred,  most relevant being that of the departure of  both Gillian and Vanessa as your usual dentists.  Worry not, Management have not been idle in recruiting their replacements and we are pleased that we can now formally announce that Morwenna Walker and Catarina Bernardes will join the practice as your new dentists from April and May respectively .

For very  different reasons, both Gillian and Vanessa decided it was time to take a break and have now left the practice, but  you my rest assured  in the knowledge that Morwenna and Catarina are  wonderful,  experienced dentists who will have your best interests at heart.  Both ladies have worked locally for some time and are looking forward to caring for your dental needs going forwards.  You  may read more about them  in the Meet the Team section.

Gillian has decided to  take a step away from  dentistry for a while, with a view to enjoying some time to herself  before  deciding  where her new career might lie.  When the time is right, and whatever direction her new path may take her, the  whole team wish her well for the future.

Vanessa after many  happy years, quite suddenly had to make the exceedingly difficult decision to retire from dentistry due to the increasing issues she has with her hands, obviously  key tools for her profession. 

Those of you who have been patients of Vanessa know how much she has suffered  with this in the  past, so may not be at all surprised to hear of her decision to call it a day.  I am sure you can all appreciate  how difficult this decision was for her, but health and wellbeing  have to be her  priority.  

Please see Vanessa’s personal message to you al below:

A message to all my lovely patients,

Thank you to everyone for making my job so enjoyable; I have loved chatting and getting to know you all during your appointments with me over the last 19 years and have had a special joy watching small children turn into wonderful adults. I feel very privileged to have shared so many of your life events, both happy and sad, over the time I have known you.

I am so sorry I had to stop working so suddenly without any warning and have been very touched by all the cards and messages I have received. I am really missing seeing you all. I look forward to bumping into you around Bath and Batheaston for a chat!

With my best wishes and love to you all,


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